August 27th, 2002


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I installed took about 1.2 hours!! I regret it... it sucks balls. extra slow, and my printer driver won't work, and USB ports aren't working either.. and of course, my DSL driver doesn't work either. and the network's having problems , so I can't reinstall the service.! damnit.. I think I'll uninstall tomorrow and shatter the disk.

What a piece of crap.
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printer's up.

Jeeeeezus. I finally found a damned printer driver for XP. So now I can print and scan. And since the install disk for my DSL software says it's compatible with XP, I should be in business ONCE THE FRICKING SERVICE IS TURNED BACK ON. using aol is not fun.

well, I took the test-out test, along with 2 other guys, and I am quite sure that I didn't get an 80%, which was required. I was a little embarassed to turn it in, actually. But, if the test is an indicator of the difficulty of the class, than SHIT, pardner, I'll be acing that class. You see, it was almost completely based on simple concepts that I learned as a junior (that is, oold concepts that I'd long since let get dry and dusty in my mind, hence not remembering them for the test). Nowhere in the test were any inkling of difficult concepts. Rock on -- I won't have to be doing any mutation energy equations or any of that annoying crap. Okay. Hope the dude I was talking to didn't test out either.. he's the only one I've bothered to get to know to any degree.

I didn't go to the gym today. I was pissed off all afternoon about my computer, and I just didn't want to leave. Tomorrow, I will, because hopefully my computer problems are all downhill now.

XP won't recognize any more than 2 of my USB ports, though. I don't know why... it's infuriating, considering I have about 7 USB devices here.

.....bleh... dinner..
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