August 19th, 2002


You can call me Floyd

Went to the orientation today...turns out, it's tomorrow and wednesday, too. Big meeting with all four schools there (nursing, medicine, allied health, grad) and we listened to some requred shpiel. I fell asleep during the 'diversity training' segment. Then we had this 'community of scholars' program, which was some reciprocal of the medstudents' white-coat ceremony. They got a pic of me & the dean, and a nifty pin and leather portfolio, though. Swanky. Well, tomorrow's more fun.

I've got to remember to get my last immunization tomorrow, as well as help my landlord with some ladder nonsense, and to buy RAID and a $150 digital recorder. I parked my truck in a pay lot today, and when I got back there was a violation envelope on it saying I owed $4.00. I deposited it, empty, with a note on it saying that I already payed 30 minutes before they collected. They better not tow my truck. I'll sue them if they do, just for the experience of filing a law suit (always wanted a good reason for doing that).

Did more painting and staining today, and got my second teeshirt from ebay in the mail. I got two skunk tees (becase they're quite rare, and I've been looking for a looong time). The first is a bunch of skunks on some plant and it says 'stink weed' on it. This one is a Disney shirt with Bambi's Flower on it, and it says 'You can call me Flower'. I'm gonna cross out the "wer" letters and marker in "yd" so it says "you can call me Floyd". Ha, Ha. But the joke's on me because it's a child's shirt!! sparkles and too small. I'll look like a raverkid with it on. Damn. Oh, Well.
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