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August 6th, 2002

To dig and be dug in return.

My dog digs his bed, and I dig him diggin' it. He's been laying in it, in various states of contorsion, for nigh on 10 hours straight. I've been wasting all day either on the comp or watching the TV. I'll have to get up offa my ass and take my truck to the oilchange place tomorrow morning, then wash it. Yeah...

I need a shower. I need to eat, as I've eaten the sum of a sandwich today. I need to drop off the rent check, and I need to take out the trash, as it's aquiring this "giftgas" aroma that really curls my nose-hairs.


I bought two computer games today, CIV III and 'SafeCracker'. I've not even finished NWN yet, but I got bored at WalMart while waiting an hour for my oil change. Then I took my truck to the self-wash and sprayed out my bed with the pressure-washer. There was about a couple gallons of mud, dirt, and stick&such embedded in the liner, and I thoroughly coated myself with a fair sample of it all in cleaning it, but it's pretty much cleaned out now.. now I can take it to the Kirk's and get the liner repaired.

I've been thinking again about getting another dog, and I was looking at Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. I've pretty much ruled the Ridgebacks out, though, because they're far too big for my little place. Cool dogs, though (they were bred to hunt LIONS, for chrissake!).. But it's family tradition to own a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.. we've had at least 4 that I know of, and a Pembroke as well. They're lovely dogs, but they are EXPENSIVE (at least the show quality ones are, and I wouldn't buy anything less).

Hmm.. we'll see.

My uncle Tommy called, and mentioned that there were a few people he knew that would go out with me to the beach at night while I went Scubadiving, to watch the line (I guess).. That'd be okay, but I'd rather go alone, even with the larger risk. They'd not be able to do much except guard my stuff and keep the line from pulling out. They'd never know if I had a problem. But, I'd just be out no deeper than about 30 feet or so, and I am a Master Diver, so I'm not worried. Maybe I should get my tanks from Mr. Jimmy and get 'em VIP'd and filled, and bring my gear down. I found a couple SCUBA clubs local, and one of 'em has two UTMB professors I interviewed with on the roster. Hmm.. a little fraternization, maybe? hehe..

Now, to conquer the world!!