August 1st, 2002


A thousand memories, are all I take with me..

My computer is like an AIDS patient. I catch one thing, and when I finally fix it (or it decides to go away), another thing takes its place.. It's so unnerving.

I doubled the square-footage of my apartment today by moving some boxes around and putting my prints up.
Amazing! well, not really. but that's what emotes me here.

I grabbed my sketchbooks outta the bag I took to AC and my pencils&pens&whatnot. Maybe I should use them, instead of letting my pitiful doodling skillz rot away.

My neighbor's alarm clock's been ringing for the past 5 minutes straight loud enough to pass through the walls. It's really fucking up my chi, mmkay? Time for some Bad Religion to break the monotony!

You are just a picture -- woah!
You are just a picture -- wooAh!

I really do enjoy intelligent music. Someone recently brought up that their favorite song was one of my old band's sons, 'Mutton Chops' (that I wrote, btw).. That was Not an intelligent song. But it was definitely fun to play onstage. I should rip my band's old demo CD You all want to hear what I sounded like 6-9 years ago, don't you? DON'T YOU??
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