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July 30th, 2002

computer Karma chameleon

Computer messed up again. now every so often my program sizer buttons (the little _,+,X buttons in the upper-right corner of the windows) and the scroll up and scroll down buttons, along with the dialog check boxes turn either blank/transparent, or they become this weird grey scramble (but they still work...) I don't get it.

And then for the past hour and a half, my dsl has been messed up where the websites wouldn't load and my mail servers would send, but the Usenet worked perfectly. Just another part of my computer curse. Maybe all my bad karma revisits me in the form of BSD's and 404's...

I bought speaker cable to hook up the speakers I bought to my TV, but it turns out they won't work (I REALLY hope it's because I need an amp, and not because the speakers are trash.) I bought them offa some fence in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart on Perkins about 2 years ago. I can't remember what I paid for them, but they better work or I will breakdown.

Bought some towels today and some dog food at Kmart .... something like $120!! Martha stewart fancy towels. I hate that cheap crap. But dayamn.. that's gonna hurt when I finally get around to paying my bills.

Well I got in touch with the registration bitch. That's right, I said BITCH!! she didn't even have the decency to take me off speakerphone when the curtly told me that I had no business using the school's facilities since I wasn't "paid for" (my scholarship hasn't started yet), and I couldn't get my ID until about 3.5 weeks from now. Then she hung up on me. Bitch. snarl..

On a lighter note, I had LONG JOHN SILVER'S for dinner tonight!! Everybody adjust themselves in unison! How can you not love chicken when it is subdivided into "planks". They even take credit card at the Drive-through!! I feel like that dog from the Sinfest Comics.

A huge star.

Hmm... I spent all last night up talking to Shrag the Jag on ICQ, then AIM because I loaded it and he switched over to it. So I had AIM on all night. Then I get a message from this unknown AOL user who I assume is more spam, except the user asks me to take it easy and goes away. then the user starts asking me weird personal questions and knows my friends' names, etc. So eventually it turns out - it was one of my ex-girlfriends! So I found myself chatting with her for a bit and then I emailed her and gave her my contact info. Odd.

I don't talk to my ex's. Never - it's gauche. But she seemed really happy (which, btw is 180 degrees from what she was when we dated). She was my best friend before she was my girlfriend, and she was happy then, too. Nice to see her happy.

So I'll correspond, and break my rules.

Damn, though. I really did spend all night talking to Shrag. And I met a fursuiter named Rhea briefly, too. He/she seemed very nice. They were in the masquerade this year, IIRC. Shrag was pushing me to be in a skit with him next year at AC. Wouldn't that be funny...