July 21st, 2002


c'est tout bien, amis

Well, to those who wrote me and advised me on my intended course of action (smiles to a foxy Scot) - I took said advice, and came home upright. I was just upset over the inherent weakness of man (or woman, in this case). I, I think it it should be expressed, am not and never have been/will be the caliber of person who would strike a lady regardless of her relations to me. I do reserve, though, the right to get extremely pissed off at her! I did go out last night, to a pub, and played cards and shot pool and had a few, but I decided against getting sloshed (which wasn't easy, considering we had 2 birthdays to celebrate, not to mention celebrating me being in town). I will always be beholden to my friends for slapping me on the back, buying me my first round of Guinness, and letting me know it's my shot on the 3 ball.

My sister got a puppy yesterday, btw, although y'all probably figured that out yesterday. It's a mutt, but I like it. female, and it growls at my dog Piper a lot. She should get it to a vet soon for a checkup.
My dog, Bagpiper of Gleann Ahbann, has began to annoy me with his loss of late of his housetraining. I hope this doesn't last, because well, I believe that housetraining is a good desireable in itself.

I'm invited to go play D&D with the boys today (it's still Game Day for them) so I'll be off.