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July 20th, 2002

Baton rouge

Well, here I sit in Baton Rouge again. I came in last afternoon after a six-hour drive (normally 5, but I sat in a closed I-10 for an hour). I went to the bar to see my friends and stole their money at cards for a while, then we went to Levi's and watched army of darkness for a while until I had to leave. I took my dog to the vet today for his constant wheezing. I got him some pills and eye junk; hope it works. I still feel nasty today, and tired too. It too will pass.

I hear there was some nastyness for some unlucky kids from Kagemushi et al, in the form of bans from further ACs. Hm.. I wonder who notified the staff. (wasn't me, btw. Although the guys I was hanging out with 2 rooms from that party in 909 sure seemed pretty pissed off. I was 3 rooms down from it, but I sleep like the dead so I didn't care.) I'm glad they didn't invite me to that party - wouldn't want to catch what they've got. I'm generally an ass at strange parties anyway. I hang around the fridge and drink too much, and give people the evil eye; and then I get drunk and god help you if you annoy me with pretentiousness and at the same time are younger than me. Of course, that only really applies to people who walk around with kendo sticks and sunglasses, barging into rooms and pontificating on how boring your 'party' is. (btw, why would you advertise a room party that is 'invitation only'?) dunno. I do know, that next year my room will NOT be on the party floor.

On a lighter note, I'm about to go purchase some pants.
I've been in a fucking brasstacks spitfire mood for several hours now. It began when my sister and I visited my grandmother to show her my sister's new puppy and my grandmother's psychotic piece of shit attacked the poor thing: my grandmother taught that dog to be the menace to society that it is, and new full well that it would attack the little puppy -- and let it happen. I wanted to spit in her face and slap teeth outta her mouth right there. I've been in the same mood since. I hate everyone when I'm like this, and I hate myself for not taking it out on something. I'm going to get liquored up proper in a few minutes, and we'll see if I come home upright or in a black bag. I'm indifferent and someone's going to learn it tonight. I hate this city, I hate anything that differs from solitude and silence, I....

I'm an arrogant windy cunt and fit for anything that comes of it. Forget I spoke, forget I woke up.