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July 10th, 2002

Poor Piper.

Well, I'm back in Galveston. I got in okay in BR, and ate dinner. Nothing special. Yesterday I visited my grandmother, and ate dinner with my Mom, Sister, and her boyfriend. She gave me some plants. I drove in this afternoon, and in just enough time to drop my dog off at the local kennel. I felt bad dropping him off, because he'll be there until Monday afternoon. They let me see where he'll be in the back, and he's right across the walkway from a big mean pit bull, growling at him. It got him shaking. I left one of his bones for him to chew on, but I don't think he'll be chewing much, or eating much. They walk him twice a day. I'll have that to think about this weekend.

Well, anyway, I guess I'll be leaving here about 8 to catch my 10:30 flight. I can catch up on this book I've been reading. I hope no one messes with my truck while it's in the parking garage.

When I get to the hotel (I guess there's a shuttle? if not, I'll have to catch a cab) I'm gonna go to that restaurant and get me something good to eat. Then I'll fart around until afternoon and help the people set up the art show, like I did last year. That was fun, because it gave me something to do when I was bored. (I drove last year and slept in my truck.. that was NOT comfortable.) I am going to have to be more sociable this year, against my second nature. We'll see how that goes: I haven't been very active online, so the few people I sorta know will no doubt have forgotten me. Well, at least I'll have a bed to sleep in this year, even if I do have to share it. Not looking forward to that, either.

Jul. 10th, 2002

The only thing in this world that can bring me to tears anymore is this 1.5'x2'x2' grey box standing next to me, beeping and giving me all manner of error screens. I feel such hatred towards anything and everything in sight, and god help you if you flash in my thoughts as I'm venting my anger. I just wish this curse would go away. pblblb. blah. Packing sucks. I miss my dog, even though he is annoying a lot of the time. I've got to get my IRC client setup...