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July 5th, 2002


I went over to my uncle's last afternoon and went to a family party for a while. Then we went to another one next door to his house. I stayed there for a while, then we went to watch fireworks. Then I went to 2 or 3 parties with Misty (my cousin). She is one hell of a partier. we went back to her house and I crashed. I had too much to drink that night, but I enjoyed hanging out with her. I guess I'm going over to my uncle's again for dinner. I think they want to do a lot of partying again, but I don't think I can handle that tonight. Maybe I'll just only stay a while. We'll see.

Bleah. I feel sick.

I got my scanner working, so I can start scanning my old photos now. I've also started putting up my framed prints, so the walls look less destitute right now. Still very trash-ridden around here.

Jul. 5th, 2002

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Anyway.. I guess I'll be going to this pool party that my uncle's friends are throwing... ugh.

I've got so much crap to do around here. I met another neighbor today, she came out and played with my dog some. He was going APESHIT because he's so hyper and bored. I'm gonna have to start giving him some mickeys when I go out.