July 4th, 2002


ein klein springen, bitte

It's about 1:50 and I'm still on the computer. Imagine that. Oh, I can see how it'll be here in Galveston. Yup.

I loaded ICQ here and realized I used to have a really big contact list. I wonder if any of those guys still remember me? I talked with Blackwolf for a while, but my comp froze twice, and by the time I got it working again, he had logged off. Oh well, I'll see him later. Anyway, I'm always playing therapist with him... I keep trying to get him to see that the 'enormous chasm of despair' he is constantly staring into is of his own perception and that he just needs to get up and start something. *sigh*...

I also noticed that the little (ha) survey I did was stolen, then re stolen, and stolen a third time (at least). Well, I guess I needn't wonder if I'm talking solely to myself anymore :)
I shoulda posted who _I_ stole that from, since I think they stole it too. it's probably like 12th generation removed by now...

My cousin in LaPorte called earlier and I guess I'm going with my Uncle Tommy to some 4th parties. Guess I won't be hanging around here all day. Unfortunately they want me to bring my bathing suit. CRAp. If I go swimming, everyone's gonna see my tattoo on my leg (not to mention the one on my chest). It's gonna get back to my mother, and then more unpleasantries.. Hmm. summer is like that..
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