July 3rd, 2002


J'ai arrive.

Well, I got my computer to sit still for 30 minutes, and my DSL is hooked up, so I'm sitting pretty here in Galveston. I got in at around 5:30. I had to wait about 30 mins at the Ferry, and traffic on Seawall was heavy. I got some Long John Silvers (the Bradley equivalent of Freebase Crack) and headed to my apartment.

Everything's still in my truck right now, and it's dark. But I'll be here all day tomorrow and probably the next and so on, so as long as the wind&rain don't come, and thieves don't loot my truck, I'll just unload slowly.

Norton Diagnostics says there's an error in my memory. I took out both DIMMs, but there's still an error. I guess it's in the motherboard? Brand new frickin' mobo and it's broken. AGAIN!!! ...Well, at least there've been no BSD's in about an hour now. Actually, my comp doesn't BSD very often -- it just freezes. Or it freezes with little green lines at the top of the monitor. I was gonna reinstall all of the drivers, but I left them in BR. But norton utilities seems to have fixed much of it. Nous regarderons et nous voyerons..
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