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July 1st, 2002

Last Resident Game.

My last D&D game before I leave for a while, supposedly. Scott had asked me last night what I wanted to fight as a big fight before I left, and I said a CR 15 dragon (btw, a CR 15 is basically allllmost impossible for our CR 12 party). I didn't realize how hard the fight would be until we fought it. Everyone died except an NPC we travel with, and one player char (who's player skipped today, and who we all rightly treat like a child). So it was either Scrap the campaign or keep it going and the DM'd make it 'okay' again. We chose to keep it going (I didn't care that much, since I won't be playing nearly as often). So, the DM made it so we were all true-resurrected because the char we don't really like was (get this) made the 'king of the giants' by the giants that the dragon was controlling, and they brought our bodies (and much treasure) back. My char leaves the adventuring group to be a personal bodyguard for the PriestKing (we're playing pre-cataclysm Dragonlance: this is merely story to reconcile my char not being around much) and now the remaining members of the council of our adventuring group (everyone except the guy we don't like) gotta deal with mr. King of the Giants (whos char was a COMPLETE asshole even before this grand kick in the pants). I kinda wish I could be around to see what happens. Oh well. I felt bad leaving, because this was one of the longest traditions and reminders about college. Even as old as we all are, it's still a college-buddy thing because Trey's not gonna graduate for a long time, and Levi's just starting in the fall. Shit, He and I might graduate at around the same time..

Well I'll call the car place tomorrow early to see if I can get my appointment ASAP to leave sooner. Damn, I hope I can get it working soon.

I haven't decided (and probly won't till I'm there for good) if I'm gonna be moping a lot for a long time, or if this will be a fun few months ahead.

Made you look

I'm bored. so I surveyed.

Name: Brad
Do you like it?: It was meant to keep people from calling me nicknames, but people end up calling me 'bradley', so go figure.
Nicknames: Bradley; Lord Bradley; Floyd, to certain types.
Screen names: Floyd Mephit; Cajuncelt; Loxosceles
Age: 23
Birthday: 5.9.79
Sign: Bull
Location: Galveston, TX and sometimes Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
School: UTMB
Status: Yet to register
Crush: I'm not in good enough spirits for that kind of stuff.
Virgin?: No
Natural hair color: Dark Brown (and greying).
Current hair color: Dark Brown (and greying).
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Birthplace: Metairie, Louisiana
Shoe size: 10-11
Parents: Andrew Patrick, M.D. (deceased), S. Patrick
Siblings: Erin
Live with: Myselt (soon enough)
Favorite relative: besides my close fam, I think my cajun Grandpa.
Number: 5,7, 9, 11,64
Color: Blaze Orange, Cobalt blue.
Day: Friday.
Month: don't really have one.
Song: I couldn't begin to look through my myriad of CDs.
Movie: hard to say... I think .. Empire of the Sun.
Food: Sushi&Miso soup, and French baguette bread
Band: Bad religion
Season: late Fall to early Winter, and late spring to early summer.
Sport: I have a very strict definition of the word 'sport', but let's say karate.
Class: Biochemistry & philosophy
Teacher: Please, let's not.
Drink: Pickle Juice (strangely enough)
Veggie: broccoli
TV Show: Law&Order, anything on TLC/History Channel
Radio Station: I don't really listen to the radio, but 98.1 & 91.1
Store: Restoration hardware, Home Depot, Dollar Tree
Word: Know
Animal: Hmm...on a whim, I'll say.. striped skunk.
Flower: ginger
State: I should default to LA, but it's such a poor state..
[the past]
What is the one thing you would change about your past?: I would've been closer to my father, noticed more&kept a journal, and been more daring as a social youth.
What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?: Not keeping a detailed journal
Last thing you heard: MPEG
Last thing you saw: sad memories from the last few questions.
Last thing you said: "Piper!"

Who is the last person you saw?: Ma mere
Who is the last person you kissed?: probably my mother on the cheek
Who is the last person you hugged?: the same
Who is the last person you fought with?: I dunno, I don't usually fight
Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: Mr. Jimmy
What is the last TV show you saw?: TNG
What is the last song you heard?: I can't remember
[the present]
What are you wearing?: a green Tshirt, and jeans.
What are you doing?: wasting another day on the computer.
Who are you talking to?: Nobody.
What song are you listening to?: n/a.
Where are you?: the computer room of the house
Who are you with?: my mother's in the other room
Are you online?: Yea.
How are you feeling?: Sad, nostalgic.
Are you in a chatroom?: Almost never, but I'll try to change that..
What day is it tomorrow?: Tuesday
What are you going to do after this?: stay online, or watch TV
Who are you going to talk to?: nobody
Where are you going to go?: nowhere
How old will you be when you graduate?: from UTMB - hopefully 27, no older than 28
What do you wanna be?: a biochemist, or somesuch..
What is one of your dreams?: To own a bar.
Where will you be in 25 years?: in a scientist job, with my divemaster cert, and teenagers, in a nice house.
[have you ever]
Drank?: since young
Smoked?: since 12, quit at 20
Had sex?: since ..young
Stolen?: Yes.
Done anything illegal?: See above.
Wanted to die?: Yes.
Hit someone?: when young (not counting sparring matches)
Do you write in cursive or print?: I quit cursive in elementary school.
Are you a lefty or a righty?: Right
What is your sexual preference?: Straight.
What piercings do you have?: just recently took my ear-knob ring out, so only my nipple. (I've had around 2 dozen)
Do you drive?: Tomorrow, to get my truck window replaced
Do you have glasses or braces?: glasses, but I rarely wear them
Did you like this survey?: a little puerile..
[physical appearance]
What do you most like about your body?: I put on muscle rather easily
And least?: My spare tire.
How many fillings do you have?: I'll guess that I have 7-8 left (teeth've been pulled that had fillings)
Do you think you're good looking?: average to a liiiitle bit better.
Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?: only family.
Do you look like any celebrities?: Not since I was a kid.
Cuddle or make out?: please..
Chocolate milk, or hot chocolate?: I don't like sweet things..
Would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover?: Never marry your 'best friend'; you need someone to relate to when you fight w/ your wife.
Root beer, or dr pepper?: Root beer.
Tea/coffee/cappuccino?: none of that.
Mud or jello wrestling?: *sigh*
Milk, dark, or white chocolate?: Milk.
Vanilla or chocolate?: Vanilla.
Lights on or off?: Off.
[misc. questions]
Do you like school?: I enjoy it for the most part
Do you like to talk on the phone?: NO!
Do ya have your own phone line?: Yes, in my apt.
Can we have your number?: Ask me for it, I'll be happy to give it.
Do you like to dance?: No. I like to play guitar, though..
Are you scared to ask out your crush?: I've always been timid.
Do you think cheering is a sport?: No. Not even when I was a cheerleader.
[in the last 24 hours, have you...]
Cried?: No.
Helped someone?: Not really.
Bought something?: No.
Gotten sick?: yes.
Gone to the movies?: No.
Gone out for dinner?: No.
Said "I love you"?: no
Written a real letter?: No.
Moved on?: no.
Talked to an ex?: I avoid that like the plague. I've never had a 'good' parting.
Missed an ex?: No.
Written in a journal?: Yes.
Talked to someone you have a crush on?: I don't like anyone in that way.
Had a serious talk?: No
Missed someone?: Yes.
Hugged someone?: yes.
Fought with your parents?: no
Fought with a friend?: no.
[do you.....]
Wear eye shadow?: No.
Put on a "front"?: I try not to, but who doesn't?
Kiss on the first date?: I don't usually date - I jump into serious relationships.
Have a crush on someone?: Christ, NO! quit asking that.
Eat with your mouth open?: No, that's simian.
If you got a tattoo, where would you get it, and what would it be?: My next 2 tattoos will be a) important information on my upper chest (for ER docs to see) and b) some sorta mean-looking skunk.
What color is your floor/carpet in your room?: my apartment is hardwood.
What was the last CD you bought?: Asylum street spankers (it sucks)
How did you spend last summer?: Don't remember, but I didn't do much.
When's the last time you showered?: this morning
Are you tired?: a little
Are you lonely?: Yes..
Are you happy?: not particularly
Are you wearing pajamas?: No.
Are you talking to someone online?: no
What is your astrological sign?: I told you already.
What is the sign of your crush/interest/spouse?: FUCK OFF YOU DOSS CUNT!
What time is it?: 9:49pm

Wow, I feel somehow worse after that nonsense. people have interest in the most inane things. Like you, I guess, for reading this.