June 13th, 2002


Kein Mitleid fur kind.

The concert wasn't that bad, it was actually fun. I met up with Trey and some of his younger friends who had been doing some heavy drugging, apparently, because just as we were about to walk in the door, one walks over to the roadie truck and pukes. Then he walks over and sits down on the curb, and passes out, knocking one of the barricades over. I don't even know that guy, but I thought it was pretty funny. The doormen wouldn't let him in because he had puke on his face.

I met an old friend from high school there, and we talked the whole concert. I enjoyed catching up with him. He lives right near my house now, and works in covington. I'll have to call him up sometime when I'm in town.

The two opening bands, which I think were named Kidney Thief and 16-volt? were horrible. The lead singer in one of them was this fat whiny guy dressed in black. How novel. KMFDM and pig had merged, apparently, without 3 of the original members. Crap. That was a shame. It was still pretty good music, especially since I wasn't in the front row getting crushed this time. I had about 7 or 8 beers, but they were watery, so I didn't really even feel them. I wore out my voice talking to my friend, and now I'm hoarse.

I waited after the show ended and most people left, and I got to talk to the lead singer of KMFDM, Sascha Konietzko (the REAL Sascha). I asked him if he got my email, and he said no, and I asked him if he was on the email list I'd 'saw' him on, and he didn't know what I was talking about. So, I explained it to him, and he asked for the URL of the email group (FurShore) so he could see who was posing as him. I gave it to him and got a picture of us together, and left. He's actually a really sedate guy.

ObFreaky: The chick singer from KMFDM, can't remember her name, looks a lot like my ex, except her face is scarier. Much scarier, like some kinda mask. *shivers*

Anyway, I enjoyed the concert a lot. I'm really glad I got that disposable camera yesterday on a whim. I'll get the 3 shots out of 24 developed and post them, sometime.
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