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June 10th, 2002

Jun. 10th, 2002

I'm back from my game. We got into a huge argument because one of the players went behind our backs and did exactly what we told him not to. And then he argued that he should be congratulated for it. Sometimes I just don't feel like hanging around with those people anymore.

I'm just depressed. I think, I'll be fine sometime soon.

on a side note, I've decided to get my dog neutered. I'd decided not to when I bought him as a puppy, because I planned to breed him. But he's just not breeding stock, and his behaviour is _so_ abhorrant that I think it'll be the only way I can keep him. More cost and hassle..

Maybe tomorrow I'll buy a new printer/copier/scanner. I need to get one.

Useles spigot..

I keep trying to fix the spigot outside, and EVERY time I do, it breaks again. If it breaks again, I'm scrapping it.

Now I'm all sweaty from being outside in the only sun we've seen in days. I need to get moving to the store.


I wonder if I should drive to AC or fly? I assumed I'd fly, but I've not bought tickets. I better fly, b/c that's the reason I paid for a room on sunday night. I'd better not get shafted on the money from the people sharing my room. I will be pissed. But I'm expecting it.

UPS man

I bought a UPS today, $120. It's pretty big. I said I wouldn't plug in my computer to the wall ever again, and now I don't have to. This ought to COMPLETELY take any chance away of ruining the 3rd power supply and 3rd motherboard, and 2nd cpu. It's got $150000 of protection anyway, I believe. My comp's back, so I need to plug it in and get it updated.

Anything to do tonight? Anyone know of anything going on tonight, or worth doing?

'..never would come to me'

I've got lotsa little errands to run, lotsa little tasks to complete for the move and general stuff. Appointments, packing, paying, calling, etc. Little things kill.

That reminds me.. Satyrday (guffaw) night, Tom Petty's 'Running down a dream' came on the tv, and I mentioned that I used to know the words to it. Scott mentioned that our old band once covered it at a (pretty nice) gig several years ago. Levi started laughing at us/me and brought up/made fun of how we once covered Bush (again after doing it a few times past, where I reminded him that he went to see Bush _in concert_...twice) . Scott then stated matter-of-factly that when we played it, he just put his bass down and didn't even play it (as if to save face for the insult). That Pissed Me Off. Fucking jackass. I never was completely convinced we needed a bassist, let alone one that really wasn't very good; never put friends in a band.. The drummer, Lindsey, and I (the lead guitar and vocals after our old vocalist left) wrote all the songs. All of them; He wrote the drums and I wrote the lyrics, basslines, rythmn guitar lines and lead guitar lines. And sometimes I wrote drum beats. I carried Scott and Clint (the rythmn guitarist) through it in practice. Scott never really learned that much, or he wasn't talented (I don't know which), so I (the anal perfectionist) micromanaged and wrote every note. He didn't play every note, obviously. Shit, I even played the bass and rythmn guitar for them in one of the songs during our studio session, after they hurt themselves horsing around and had to go to the emergency room. After we broke up the band, I told myself I'd never carry a band like that again.

Of course, I never got the chance. I never really pursued it like I did in highschool. I attempted, twice, to sell guitar lessons, but that didn't pan out. I had big plans entering college, of sitting in my dormroom with my 4-track mixing up all kinds of junk, and on the weekends, playing at blues bars for a little spending $$. I never had time or druthers for either. One day, I'll get back into it.

But I digressed to the 4th power there. Point is, Fucking idiot, 'oh, no, I can't be laughed at for playing an uncool song, so I'll just either lie about not playing it, or worse, not actually play the fucking bassline.' How hard is it to play bass? I can and could do it twice as well as he could, and how much balls does it take to own up to your past? We played that song because we were basically forced to play some 'popular' songs instead of only our original material. Okay, fine, I was willing to suck it up, because we were able to land the damn gig, with the biggest audience we'd had yet.

I'm sorry, everyone, for ranting. I'm big on owning up and taking your licks.