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June 9th, 2002

I think LJ wasn't up for a while, maybe.. But it's working now.

I woke up at my friend's apartment, and I felt lousy. I wake up away from my own bed sometimes and always do the ritual of 'shut up, pretend to be asleep, and scan the room to figure out what's going on'. I realized where I was and whose feet were in the couch next to me, and figured it was okay to get up. After I wake up from drinking the night before, I have about 2-5 minutes before any hangover effect set in; after that, if they're coming, it's too late to fight 'em. Luckily this morning it wasn't so. We sat around and played a D&D drinking game I downloaded months ago. I wanted to go to a bar, but Levi's always lazy and Scott does nothing but play video games and make commentary while other people actually contribute to a conversation. I drank much more than I usually do. I'm feeling lousy now, but I'm not actually hung over. Fine, it's not like I've got anything fancy planned today, except going right back to Levi's and playing D&D. Vicious cycle.. eat your heart out, Wittgenstein.

I'll only repeat this maybe 2-3 times before I move away. I'll be back, for sure, especially since I guess I'll be taking my divemaster classes so soon, but I'll be cutting back on the college-style social circle that I'm too accustomed to. I'll bet dollars to donuts that they all stay similar, b/c Levi's just entering college (at 25) and Scott's staying at LSU for grad School, and Nothing much changes with either Mikey or Trey. What will I do for socialization in Galveston? I'll have to be more personable, and maybe there'll be an interesting few grad students up there. I signed up to the TAFF list, but .. We'll see. I'll just be more sociable online, probably.

I will need to get my truck filled with a bunch of junk from my storage locker on thursday to be set to move in partially on saturday. I'll have to clean out my truck, this means.. I hope it doesn't rain. Most of my stuff is in cardboard boxes. I wanna get my bed, TV, loveseat, comp&comp table, and misc. furniture there, as well as my prints and clothing. I'm going to take the opportunity to clean house as I move. Anyone looking for a TV stand or a computer desk? reaaallllly cheap?

Hope my mom's not gonna take it hard with me leaving town. Erin's still here, anyway.

*sigh*.. I just don't know..


I'm going to my game. Scott (the DM, and he just loooves being one) mentioned a while ago that my character may as well become an NPC because I'll rarely get to use him. He's a paladin, his name is 'Blade' Felix Tinnley, but when I first used him he was 'Sir' Felix Tinnley. I thought it was funny.. Sir Tinnley. Oh well, maybe not.

That burn I got about a month ago still hasn't healed.. I guess I'll have this wicked looking scar for a long time. It'll match the wicked looking scar on my head, which noone ever sees unless my hair isn't there, from when my dog attacked me and ripped my ear to ribbons. Unlike my father, I WILL NOT be keeping doberman pinschers. I've a beagle whose never bitten anyone. I was thinking of getting a German shephard, but I dunno. Maybe I'll get a corgi (we've always had dobermans and corgis in our family). We'll see. My new place does have a little yard, but I'm not sure if a puppy's what I need right now. My sister's gonna buy a grown dog from CAAWS in a day or so. I guess the cats I rescued and gave her weren't her cup of tea.

I guess I'll be at the Howlin' Wolf on Wednesday to see that band. I even wrote Sascha an email to say a furfan would be there. I got bored.

I should go.