May 30th, 2002



I went to LSU to get my transcript mailed; I first went to my college on the 3rd floor of the Biochemistry bldg. where I was informed that I needed to go across the entire campus to the bursar. So I trekked the 100 yds. to my truck and drove there and walked 100 yds. to the bursar to learn that I couldn't get a transcript until I removed a block by paying $97; I then learned that the bursar doesn't accept credit cards. So I wasted about an hour, and ruined my early day.

I went and got my hair cut at supercuts today. I can honestly say that I've not had my hair butchered this badly since I was about 8. I'll be shaving my head tonight.

I saw starwars tonight at UA. It was good, but I had to pee during the second half and it distracted me incessantly. And of course I sat right in front of noisy, seat-kicking children. I hated the actor who played Anakin. Very poor actor. I also disagree with casting the actor who played Dooku: he's overused. I'm home now, and I'll be eating and packing later to leave at about 7am for pensacola. Another weekend of activity. I bitch about having so much to do, but I don't know what to do with time off. If I slow down, I'll never get back in the swing of working hard when class starts.

I've been so hateful lately. I get this unique acid feeling in my heart, which feels like I'm being cored. I feel hateful towards everyone, and only want to be alone. I also feel extremely violent towards everyone. Maybe I should be on some medication; I am unsure, though, if there is a medication for a short temper and chronic contempt.

Another useless day.
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