May 20th, 2002


Long day.

I got my friend to come over today and we cleared the yard of all the old boards, and old trees, and old gate pieces, and we ripped up about 10 boards and hauled them all to the front. I drove my truck to the backyard to help, and it REALLY sped things up. It was really difficult maneuvering that thing through our side driveway, but with his help, it was doable. Now tomorrow we'll begin working on the pig cooker. Also, I'll get up early and go to the gym and work out for about an hour beforehand. I'm whipped after all that work. But I went to home depot and got some replacement PVC fittings for the part I broke, and for the auto watering hoses deal.

I got my immunization and application stuff from UTMB in today. I'll be getting some immunizations, now, I guess. Yay.

After our cochon-de-lait on saturday, I'm invited to a crawfish boil on sunday, too. excellent. I'll be all fattened up. I'll have to be working extra hard at the gym. Not too hard, tho, b/c I'm starting back up from basically zero. I'll get back to where I was shortly though, and then surpass it. By the end of the summer, I'd like to be squatting 200. We'll see, tho.
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