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May 16th, 2002

Maxin' and Relaxin'

I tell you what, I'm starting to get in to that mindset where I don't give much of a fuck about much of a fuck. It's that mindset that we used to think was so cool when we were kids, until we saw what happened to those kids who didn't give a fuck. I like giving a fuck about the important things. I don't give a damn right now about useless things, but it might progress...

Sort of a mind cloud thing...but I'm kinda tired,so It might be exacerbated by that.

Guess what I heard today as I was walking to one of my exams... some black guy says to another, "I'll be maxin' and relaxin'.." !! I couldn't believe it. People still say that? People still "max"? I thought that had ceased to be a verb.

Side note: some random guy ICQ'd me 2 mins ago, I'm still on w/him. here's a word-for-word:

159637683: (12:55 AM) yo

Floyd Mephit: (12:56 AM) howdy
UnlinkedLamar: (12:56 AM) I am chillin
Floyd Mephit: (12:58 AM) me too, takin it easy.
UnlinkedLamar: (12:58 AM) tight

....yeah. Now I'm supposed to keep it moving? pass. Why start a conversation w/a stranger, and use 1-word sentences constantly. No info for him, I usually ignore that. but his zip code said 70810, which is baton rouge, IIRC. Internet shit will amaze you every day. It's like when you first started playing D&D, and the little worlds just went on forever, with endless possible encounters. Except this wasteland really doesn't end.
I just called ... to say ... I love you.

I just called ... to say .. how much I care.

I can sleep ... but why ... I can't say ...

And I mean it from the bot-tom of my heart.

I .. uh. I've got these wildlife prints at my house, that we don't put up on the wall anymore, so I'm thinking of taking them with me when I move. I put one, of two raccoons, in my bedroom. I'd like to get a skunk one, to go with my turkey one. My grandmother got me this big framed picture of a turkey. ?? Sure. I understand, completely. But, I really like having things to hang on the wall.

Preparation ... O.o

E.R. 's coming on in half an hour. I'll be watchin. I accidentally threw out one of the homework pages for my exam, so I'm missing it. Oh well. I'll be doing just one more HW sheet and then the last test, and I'll be typing up a one page cheat sheet. We're allowed one 8.5x11 inch sheet. I've got 4 to fit onto one, so I'm using the computer. Right now. In fact, now ER's almost on. Woah, let's not do the time warp again.

I hope I can read the cheat sheet this time. I've got to do well on the test, which'll be 2 hours of stuff. There'll be questions on theory, which I'll invariably not know. I'm hoping the actual math-related probs will be doable, and I won't make stupid logic and/or math mistakes. I've got 2 calculators, new batteries, and 5 new mech pencils ready. And I'll have 2 copies of the cheat sheet. One in my booksack, one in my pocket. Fuck you, Murphy! You will not get me tomorrow. Also, test is at 5:30pm, so I'll be wide awake. I just hope it's in the classroom, b/c the prof didn't say for sure where it'd be. If it's not, I will go APE SHIT.

I wonder if grad school will be this difficult? I'm guessing It wont be such a freakout, b/c I've got a strong background in Biochem and Cell biology and Molecular Bio, the 3 big things in grad school. I'm more worried about getting my ducks in a row and getting an apartment, and everything. And getting my pig cooker ready,and getting my backyard squared away... Yowzah!