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May 15th, 2002


It's a really beautiful day outside. I'll not see it though, b/c I've got studying to do. After this exam, its HARD STUDY TIME, for my P-chem exam. I've GOT to do well on it, just to pass w/a C and graduate. This prof has a 50% drop/fail average, and everyone who can drop already has. I'm in the home stretch, I've got to Kick this exam SQUAR IN THE NYYUTZ!

In other news, my yahoo-group ad made it onto Flayrah today. There'll be a bunch of furs joinin' up I reckon.


done w/ #2. No, not that #2.

I had an exam today. It was either a one or two hour exam, and I finished in about 20 minutes, as always. The exams are easy in Molecular Regulation of Cell Function. I missed a few, but I'll be fine.

Now the crunch for Pchem starts. Not looking forward to that one.

The corgi we're watching came back from the vet today, and it smells worse than when it left. it's repellant, to be blunt. That's life.