May 11th, 2002


The Medial Epicondyle is the inside of your elbow.

I've been considering getting a tattoo. To be fair, I'm always considering getting a tattoo. I've two in mind set and done, but I don't have the time or money to get them done on the now. I really want one that lists my name, Blood Type, SSN, And organ donor/DNR status on it, right on the upper right of my chest, so Docs can see it. The other is a mean-looking anthro skunk, on my right lower leg, with tail wrapping around once, kinda like those pics they put on WWII bombers (not the pin-ups, the mean animal pics).

The one I've been considering lately is Plainly written black-ink word on the inside of my arm at the area above my medial epicondyle: just "weakness". Not big, not pretentious. Only I would notice it there, but I know it would motivate me.

I had this dream yesterday (or the night before yesterday).. It was the worst dream I've ever had. I had this dream that I was watching a 'real-tv' show, and it was a commercial done by the man who hosts Fear Factor (which I do not watch); He was doing some commercial and was walking over to a rack of LP tanks, and knocked them over, and somehow they spilled on him, and in his mouth. They ignited, and he burned to death, and as he screamed for help, flames shot out of his mouth as the LP there combusted. He had a look in his eyes that I can't describe. It woke me up. I've seen pictures and short clips of real footage of burning death, but it never fazes me. I don't understand it.
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I've never posted one of these. There.

Which Trainspotting Character Are You?

I always identified with Renton, as I think most did in the movie. That's most likely because the movie is in his perspective mostly. I read the book (actually one of my favorites ever; I rate books by the amount of its contents I underline for later use) and only part of it is in his perspective.

Sick boy and Begbie, a cross b/w them is most like me (years ago it would be sick boy simplicitur, but I'm clean as a whistle now) . I will admit, though.. I'm still widely regarded as one sick fuck.
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Yes. I have bought wine. I still pee standing up, though..

I went to the store and bought my mother a mother's day card and two bottles of wine. I hope she likes them, because one's for the party on the 25th. I'll need to write something in the card tonight after I study. Yes.

Like I thought, that damned Pave food got me sick. Bastards. They simply cannot expect that L.A. shit to fly in LA. Pretentious atmosphere, inedible food, and poor service are the bad restaurant trifecta.

I wonder how everyone else gets their livejournals looking so spiffy, with the fancy layout and the embedded links, and fonts and all that stuff.. Must require effort. I am just a simple caveman, I know not of these modern concepts...hold on a sec, I've got a cellphone call.

And another thing... I was completely wrong about the binding efficiency of a protein decrementing as the dissociation Km got larger. IT'S THE OTHER WAY AROUND!! Oh, don't act like you knew that. dG = RT ln Kd, I've been told..
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