May 8th, 2002


Renting worries..

I got my sheet metal back from the fabricator's today....$218.00. Wow. Got some cheap angle braces from home depot, along with an angle iron bracer and a handle. Now I've got to start drilling holes and riveting. And studying. I got my oil changed today, too. I actually ran some decent errands today. Yup. My chem lab final is tommorow afternoon. The way it looks is that I've got several difficult formulae to memorize. That really sucks. Oh well, this class is the least of my worries.

I got my bike back from the shop.. $55.00 for a tune up and a new front fender. I'll need it and also a back one (and I'm thinking of getting a rear basket and a bolt-in bike lock) when I move. I'm planning on riding my bike around as much as possible. Oh, and I'll need a helmet too. All that won't be cheap, for sure.

I'm almost definitely going diving from the 31st to the 2nd of june. So I'll plan to go to Galveston the next day, on Monday. I'll go to several Apartments and check them out.. maybe put down some deposits, too. Get on some waiting lists. Wait.. actually, I should go there much earlier, if there are waiting lists. Maybe I can go on monday next, in 5 days... I won't have class, (I do NEED to study, tho). I'll go early in the morning, and spend all day looking at apartments. If I leave at, like, 6am, I'll get there at around 11:30, and I can go until maybe 4, and then be back by 10pm. I can study after that, and It'll be pretty much taken care of.
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