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April 30th, 2002

This is my existence.

Stopped by the dive shop to drop off my tanks, and stayed until 5:00pm, because there just happened to be a CPR class going on, and I needed to take it. Now I need DAN 02, and that should be everything I need for Divemaster.

I'm soo tired. I keep blacking out, I'm so tired.

My official acceptance letter came today, from the Dean. Whoop.

We had a biochem test today, but half of it was about PCR, and I had no idea it would be. I had to go off of memories of 1.5 years ago, doiing PCR in the lab. I'm sure I didn't do well. DAMNIT.

On the upside, I managed to get a vial of 18.5% H3PO4 and one of 79% HNO3. Just for kicks, I guess. They're in my booksack, I sure as hell hope they don't break.

I can officially start looking for apartments in Galveston now, because I can't think of a logical and reasonable situation that would involve me not attending school there.

I need to order a motherboard and CPU soon so I can rebuild my comp before moving. I need to go thru my storage room and chunk all the crap I'm not taking with me.

I wish that I had longer canine teeth. Not vampire long, but both upper and lower, and also the teeth next to the canines. Just a little bit longer. I heard somewhere that the orthodontist sometimes will shave them down when applying braces. I wonder if that was the case with me. I wonder what it would cost to get cosmetic dentistry to fix my teeth that way. I wonder how many people I could feed for the amount I'd spend on fake teeth.

I am Brad's tendency to rip off crappy movie lines.

I scare myself with my ability to suprise myself. I very much enjoy suprising others; in fact, it's one of my favorite things. But when I suprise myself, I am invariably disappointed and upset. Go figure.

I lost a fin on the dive trip. Good thing I've got a spare set.

On the drive in, just as we entered Baton Rouge, I saw a pawprint sticker on some suburban; I chased the vehicle for 5 miles at 80+mph trying to read it, hoping it was a furry sticker. It was a Southern U. Jags sticker. Once again, I get disappointed about the lack of furs in BR. I guess there'll be one less in two months or so.

Cochon de Lait.

Termite guy came today.. $1800 for the first year, $300 every other year. Sigh. My mom got a call today indicating she might be lined up for a job soon at CENECOR. They're getting one in BR, apparently. Good, she's been looking for a job.

I've been looking for a job, too, but an altogether different type of job. Though I'm afraid that I'm still looking..

I turn 23 on the 9th. I've an exam then. I guess I'll go out. Maybe by myself and just sit at the bar and drink myself stupid all alone. I've always wanted to do that; every time I try, either I get too depressed to keep drinking, or someone shows up that I know. There's always at least 8 or 10 Guinness's at Port Royal at any given night, just for me. They keep it stocked b/c they know I drink a good deal of it and I'm the only one who does. I appreciate their hospitality, and they appreciate my dedication. I consider reciprocity to be one of the cardinal virtues. Tact, also. And Brevity, and wit. And dedication, and independence.

I've found two places to buy whole roasting pigs, but nowhere to rent a cooker. I may have to make one. It'll save buttloads of money and be a project. I can keep and reuse the cooker if I build a good one.