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I was going to take my bike to the dealer today on my new trailer, but when I tried to set it up, I found the pieces didn't fit together as shown in the "instructional video" (which looked like a 7th generation taping, almost like 8-bit computer graphics it was so blurry).  I did find that my trusty cross-peen hammer ("Mighty Thor Jr.", as I have renamed him) knocked the pieces together and drove the huge pins in nicely.  However, my hitch ball was too high, so I got another one at O'Reilly's (I like them better than Auto Zone because it doesn't look like a fucking Joe Dirt swapmeet outside), but yet, the hitch must've been still a little too high.  I found this out by trying to load my bike onto the trailer and having it topple over (with me on top of it).  I came thiiiiis close to being crushed under 670 pounds of Milwaulkee steel, but stumbled off of it as it fell.  I tried to pick the damn thing back up, but my spaghetti arms weren't about to make it happen.  So I called AAA and the guy didn't want to send a tow truck to just pick up my bike and get it off of the trailer, so I told him I needed it towed to my house.....30 feet away;  he seemed to have no problem sending a truck for that.  Two trucks came and the three of us pulled the damn bike off of the trailer.  I found out AAA gives 100 miles of free towing, so I thought, hmmm.. make the bastards tow it to the dealership for free.. So I rode it onto the flatbed tower, and he followed me all the way up to Mancuso, which is ~70 miles away.  I wanted to get there before they closed, so I was going around 75-80 where there weren't any traffic jams.  The wrecker guy was keeping pace pretty well, considering.  I got it there juuuust in time to give up my key to some flunkie in an orange shirt and got him to ride my bike into the shop.  Turns out the shop closed an hour earlier but they were still 3 guys there selling one last bike to a fat dope in a frat hat.  My luck!  The wrecker guy was pretty cool about it all at the end, surprisingly.  I was in a hurry because the service dept is closed Sunday and Monday (what the fuck is up with that?  Mechanics are lazy bastards I guess..) and otherwise I'd have had to wait until next saturday to drop the goddamn thing off.  As it is I'll prolly have it there for like 2 weeks, so I might consider having a stage II mod done to it while it's there..

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