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I had 2 fillings installed in my increasingly artificial teeth today at the dentist.  The guy had to keep giving me more and more novocaine because I kept feeling the drill in my teeth.  I think he gave me around 8 shots all in all.  My mouth was numb all night.  I asked the assistant to look at my panoramic film and count the fillings, and she counted 18 teeth with fillings but couldn't count the number of actual fillings because I have several per tooth and the film doesn't really show more than one/tooth.  So 18 teeth with fillings, and I'm guessing around 25+ actuall filling in there somewhere.  Add to that the 4 wisdom teeth I had cut out, and the something like 4 baby teeth I had pulled and I think 6 to 10 fillings in baby teeth, and you can imagine how I must enjoy my trips to the dentist...  I think the guy put too much filling on these ones, I'm rubbing on other teeth when I bite down.

I had to go back to work after the fillings, which was fun.  At least I got to ride my bike all hopped  up on dentist juice.  I'm taking my bike into the shop tomorrow to get looked at.  Knowing them it'll be there for 2 weeks.

I went to the first of many 'puppy preschool' classes at Petsmart in Webster tonight, and the guy teaching it seems to be pretty knowledgeable.  I'm optimistic, but not too thrilled that I've got to drive all the 30+ miles every friday night and then 30+ miles back.  Only for around 2 months I guess, and I'm taking no chances with Freya's training and socialization.  Funny how I don't seem to care so much about my own..

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