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This is a pretty good caricature of the caricature of America's good old childhood icons seen below:


and bonus points for blatantly stealing quotes from "sexy losers", I love that comic.

I went to one of the classes tonight and was pretty disappointed about it.  My dog sat in my truck an extra 45 minutes because the 'teacher' didn't know how to stop talking about how cool his Mandrake Linux is.  And there was some sort of she-male in the class that was at least a deuce, deuce and a half.  It looked like a shitty Disney movie where the big bad navy seal has to dress up like a woman to catch the crooks but gets sloppily hit on by an obviously deviant lounge lizard, starring the biggest football player in the world.  It had some sort of cloracne phenomenon going on in its face and the hair was bleached and splochy (I think hydrogen peroxide must do that to the testosterone leaching from this freak's hair shafts) and the skin was actually sort of green.  It had a voice like I would if I went back to Sherwood Middle School for another round of puberty (and then also injected steroids into my throat).  Needless to say I'm totally in love and want that thing to lay eggs in my large intestine.  Or perhaps I could watch it rub one out with its engorged and hairy penis-like (and possibly prehensile) clitoris, swollen and pendulous like some kind of proboscis monkey nose. 

Yeah it's been a boring 7 hours..

I booked a aeroplane flight to Philadelphia today on expedia, because they've been consistently giving better times than travelocity, who apparently doesn't let you book a round trip on two different airlines.  Not that I will now that I've got a Continental frequent flyer number now.  US Airways can kiss the fattest part of my ass.. they screwed me last time I flew with them, so they lost all my business (and they pretty much had it all to lose). 

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