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I finally went up to downtown H-town and put an order in for a couch.  Actually, two couches, for less than the original couch I wanted to get costs.  They're very .. contemporary I think is the word.  Like something out of the airport terminal or some doctor's office in California.  I guess I need to sell the couch I have now, which means I'll prolly have to clean the dog hair and coke stains off of it.

I took my dog for another checkup today, she's 23 pounds now, up 10 pounds from 3 weeks ago.  Wow, growing very quickly ( she probably learned how to gain weight from me, don't you know).  She still is having housebreaking problems and that's worrying me a lot.  I'm putting her in a crate right next to the door to see if it helps, and I bought a reusable diaper, which uses these little 2 tbsp maxipads as liners.  Those things are way too small so tomorrow I'll have to buy super maxipads at the grocery.  Great.. isn't it just like a woman to move in for less than 2 months and already she has you buying her maxipads at the store.      Also she got an oral antibiotic scrip for some skin rash, but I'm gonna also apply my BenzaClin, as I gave up on it for bleaching my clothes and it'll prolly help.

I took some pictures of m dog and myself with a fuji disposable and for the third time in a row, the camera fucked up.  I got 9 prints out of 27.  Goddamnit, that's the last time I pa y good money for shit products.  The Kodak disposable prints were fine, sort of.  I took some shots of my bike's rusted chrome for reference and the chrome glared too much, I'll repeat with my Nikon and when it's not so sunny.  The rest of the roll I took of me at the lab in a few retarded fake work-like poses which I may or may not post If I feel like debasing myself.

And check this out.  Play Dr. Freud for some seriously fucked up stuffed animals.  I bet they spent some time in somebody's pants at Anthrocon (names witheld so I can pretend I don't know people who do that shit) ..

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