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Ran some errands today.. Picked up my Nitrox and air tanks for the trip friday and got a phone number of some guy who needs a ride to panama city. Great, forced conversation for 6 hours. He's rather old, too, so that means no CD listening either. Ah, well. Hope he doesn't take long to get ready. Anyway, I went to Wal-mart and got groceries. It's rather difficult to conceal my firearm with a small tee-shirt on. I had to put it in my back pocket. Good thing noone tried to mug me in the produce aisle..

I've got to stay after class in the chemistry lab to finish my lab report, then go home to meet my friend about planning this cochon-de-lait. Chore. Then it's study and to bed to wake up at 3:30 to get going to florida. Studying in my spare time for my biochem test monday. I must do well on it... must do well..

I got to post to alf today. twice. It's nice when I get much online time, it makes me feel part of the online community there. Oh well. Maybe more later then..

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