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I might be getting my grandfather's old pickup truck sometime in the next few years, if he doesn't sell it to someone first.  It's a Ford 70's model IIRC, lime/teal green.  He put his own special brand of paint job touch up style, looks like a bunch of green liquid paper daubs all over it.  It's got jump seats behind the front bench, and a steering wheel auto gearshift IIRC.  I hope I get it, I'll probably put a new paint job on it (same color though) and start restoring it.  I was so bummed when I didn't get his old chevy nova, so I want this piece of Dufresne legacy.  If I get it, and my mom gives me her old supra in a few years, I'll have two pickups and a car, and a motorcycle.  I'll have to keep two at the house (much to my mother's chagrin), but we have an extra-wide driveway to accomodate it if necessary.

I went to Baton Rouge for the weekend, to let my dog play with my sister's.  I cought them eating and rolling around on an old opossom carcass in the backyard.  They smelled so bad we were gagging from the stench.  We had to bathe them right then to stand to be in the same room with them.  Ugh.  Otherwise it was a decent time.

Does anyone know of a chemical caulk remover?  I hate using the scraper.  Pain in the ass.

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