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I submitted a manuscript yesterday evening after a long LONG process of revision after revision. I think in total there were 2-3 dozen drafts floating around. We were of course scrambling things up until the last minute.

The boss just left for India until April, so I've got to: finish grading the exam questions I gave out for the tox class, make another tox class lecture and give it, get my room reservations for ARVO, make the poster I'll be presenting, edit (rewrite) my proposal for when my boss comes back, figure out who's going to be on my committe (kinda riding the wire on that one), finish eating this sausage biscuit, prepare my presentation for journal club tomorrow, start on the OTHER microarray paper we need to do, and do this transfection today if possible.

My stomach was digesting itself from the inside out all day yesterday from the stress of having my boss and the other post-doc on either side of me with one saying one thing and the other yelling the other and constantly printing and editing and having my edits edited, converting and reconverting to PDF and whatnot, when we finished at about 6:30 -- and then everyone left and I still had to do my cell culture work.. I was a damned wreck at the end of the day. It's then when I truly appreciate the finer things in life, like TiVo and frozen food and dog crates, etc. I'm glad my boss is ducking out, because I was about ready to start doing heroine over here.

But for now I'll stick to liquor and beer.

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