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Mephitis mephitis, Philosophiæ Doctor

I was driving around in Houston all day today with my dog in the backseat running some errands (mostly looking for a new couch).  I must have drove over 150 miles all around looking for and around stores.  I had a wreck happen 10 feet from my truck on the way home, and since the crash was so loud I figured my truck was hit, so I pulled over to see what the situation was.  The guy who was at fault got out and came over to me as I was looking over my truck, and said as I asked him if he hit my truck (I really didn't think he did), he said those three little words:  "no hablas ingles".  I looked behind me and saw that he had swiped a lady's truck, so I decided to stick around as a witness.  I was stuck on the side of the freeway for the better part of an hour while two cop cars came and went without helping, and almost had my truck towed away by some opportunistic towtruck guy.  The at fault guy's buddies showed up and started trying to translate to the lady that the guy didn't want the cops involved and that he would pay her or follow her to a shop or whatnot.  I was actually beginning to worry that they were all going to bolt, or intimidate her to take a bad check.  But luckily one of H-town's finest came and took a report.  The no hablas guy didn't have any insurance (shock of shocks), so I hope the lady's will cover it.. 

I was so happy with my dog's laid-back attitude the whole day riding in the truck with me.  I keep a second truck key in the truck so I could leave the truck running and the A/C on while I was inside, while keeping the doors locked.  It works out pretty well.  I took her to Petsmart to let her get petted some and to get some dog junk.  I signed her up for one of those puppy preschool/obedience/whatever classes to let her play with some other dogs and people while she's young.

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