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Feb. 18th, 2005

This TiVo is driving me apeshit.  I have been getting spotty DirecTV for a couple days and then I've been getting none.  I called tech support and got transferred to tech support, who transferred me to tech support.  On the phone with tech support I figured out my own problem and ripped the coax out of the wall.  I installed a new coax through the wall with some fishing tape and tried to crimp a connector on, but the piece of shit crimper wouldn't make the end stay on.  So I fished another cable through the wall and got my signal back.  Except now the channels aren't changing correctly and I'm getting Turboguides popping up when I change channels.  And I've got 50 feet of coax running through my apartment.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I hate fridays.  I have to go to the pharm/tox seminar at noon every week and they don't have food or coffee or anything.  And it's always too crowded, and some dipshit won't stop rummaging through his booksack or fumbling change in his pocket or crinkling a snickers bar wrapper.  And I can't go home to feed my dog or I'll lose another hour+.  I have to get this manuscript ready to submit by monday before my boss leaves for India for a month (thank GOD a month of freedom).

I seriously need to be mellowed out.  Watch this video and be mellow too.