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"...honest, brave, thrifty, clean , and reverent."

I saw those 'month descriptions' on someone's LJ, and I looked at mine (May) and decided it was about 50% bullshit. So I went through every month and picked the most appropos ones (I tried to be realistic and not idealistic or demeaning).

Ambitious and Serious
Loves to teach and be taught
Likes to criticize
Quiet unless excited or tensed
Rather reserved
Highly attentive
resistent to illness but prone to colds
Needs to improve social abilities
Intelligent and clever
Changing personality
Determined to reach goals
Loves Freedom
Easily Angered
Dislike unnecessary things
Loves traveling
Hasty decisions in choosing partners
Musically talented
Solves other people's problems
Firm standpoint
Systematic (left brain)
Good imagination
Always wants the best
Easily hurt
Seldom show emotions
Difficult to understand
Has reputation
Loves to be alone
Always broods about the past and old friends
Likes to be quiet
Waits for friends
Loves to joke
Independent thoughts
Likes to point out people's mistakes
Able to talk well
Loves to look for information
Tends to bottle up feelings
Likes to chat (sometimes)
Just and fair
Does not appreciate praises

Christ in a bucket that's a lot. There was a lot of ones I almost but didn't choose because they were only marginally or only rarely true. I thought about qualifying every one of these, but I'm not up to it today. I feel very unmotivated. I've not been to the Y in over a week because of all the moving nonsense; I'm free today, but I'm just too lame to go. I think maybe I'm depressed about moving. The thing is, when I was there, I was in good spirits. I dunno what the problem is. Maybe changing the scenery will be helpful.

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