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I've had "99 red balloons" stuck in my head for two days now. I think it's that commercial that's cycling on TV now that has the song in the background but doesn't say the words. For some reason the version I have in my head is the completely German one, even though I haven't learned most of those words yet. It's just playing over and over without me being able to understand it. What the hell is wrong with my mind. I kept the receipt, so I'm expecting to get full store credit if I return it.

I've been working a lot lately, but it seems like nothing's getting done. At least on my project, anyway. We have almost finished the microarray paper, and I'm expecting to have some good news to shout from the parapets very soon. I've also finished my biotransformation lecture and graded the assignment I gave out (and feel a little disappointed in today's college scholars moreso afterwards), and have begun on the liver toxicology lecture. My boss dropped another seminar in my lap the other day for the "biotransformation core", of which this lab is a member, but this seminar is for an audience of mostly professors so the dial gets turned up a couple of notches than what it was set at for the college lecture. I've delegated it to our 3 post-docs and so I've got the first 15 minutes and they split the rest. It's on Tuesday so I really hope they can tote their barges by then.

I'm so happy with Freya, she's getting bigger and more animated. I'm teaching her to bark on command, as well as 'kangaroo', and I took her up to work yesterday afternoon for some footprints to smell. I need to get her some more socialization soon, so I'm thinking I'll bring her up to UTMB during my lunch break to have her greet some med students (female, if I can manage it..) and maybe I'll bring her back to BR next weekend to play with my sister's dog (rough-house-y as she may be). This is a big mistake I made with Piper, keeping him from socializing as a puppy to protect him, and ultimately led to his poor people skills afterwards. But I'm optimistic (and putting on extra cologne before I go).

I'm trying to decide if I want to buy a new bunch of stuff for my apartment. It's too grubby and 'college student' right now. I'm thinking of getting a new minimalist sleeper couch, a new TV stand, a rug to cover this shitty hardwood floor, etc. I need to find where the hell to find this stuff in H-town though. It's getting to be spring soon and I need to have this junk replaced before the sunlight starts illuminating it for more than 1 hour after I get home from work.

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