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I bought some sort of a tap water deionizer for my aquarium today at Petsmart.  I'm not sure what's inside of it, but it appears to be some sort of an ion-exchange resin column.  I wonder if I could use it at work ... it's friggin huge!  But it came with this liquid which I was supposed to add back to the water, and now it's hard again!  WTF was the point of deionizing the water if they want me to add it all back in?  damnit.  But maybe the water's supposed to be on the high side, I dunno.  My other fancy-schmancy aquarium dirt came in, and so I rigged the works together and filled up the tank.  So now I've got an undergravel filter AND a medium-sized power filter hooked up.  Maybe overkill but hell, my small tank is underkill.  I scooped out almost all of the algae-fied gravel and I'll add some of the fancy gravel from the big tank to it to replace it.  There's a big pile of detrius on the tank bottom... mmmmm.  I'm surprised anything's alive in there.  Some pre-activated gravel along with some dH2O should help clear things out there.  I wonder if I should put the fish into the big tank in the meantime to let them pump some nitrates into the water..

I need to begin (however begrudgingly) the process of cleaning up and packing for going to BR this weekend for Carnival.  It's actually going on this weekend here in Galveston, but they actually charge for it I believe. screw that.

I'm going to take my dog to one of those puppy interaction/obedience classes somewhere, though I always feel it's a waste of money.  Dog training's been a family hobby for a long time and I know more about it than the class instructors I guess, but I don't want to mess anything up, and I need to socialize the dog anyway.  I'm going to work on develeping tracking and obedience/prey drive as well as I can, so I can do Schutzhund later when she's older.  Shit, I still have to decide on an AKC registry name..

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