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A new addition

I got up at 5 and drove up to IAH to get the dog, but the flight she was on was cancelled. I'm glad somebody let me know before I had driven all the way and gotten lost in the maze of this crap. Luckily they put her on the next flight, and was sent as parcel instead of cargo (which meant I didn't have to pay anything to pick him up, luckily). She was crying and crying when I found her (luckily,or I would never have homed in on her in the receiving department at the luggage pick-up area), and I let her stretch her legs after what was probably at least 6 hours in a kennel shuttled around in airport cargo areas. Boy did it stink, too. We stopped at the Harley dealership to pick up two bodywork pieces I had ordered SIX months ago and we stopped at Petsmart and got her a collar and adjustable kennel (a nice one, should be much easier to keep clean). We went for a walk and played in the yard a little. I hosed out the flight kennel, and we chilled out. She likes to whine a lot, lemme tell you what. And last night, if you've had a puppy its first night away from its mother, was MISERABLE with it just crying and screeching and bawling and howling all night. I fished some earplugs out of my first-aid kit luckily so I could get a few Z's. I hope the neighbors aren't plotting my death though. She's getting better, and is currently napping in her small kennel (the 'downstairs one' for now, since she's too small to climb the stairs well yet) after only crying for about 5 minutes. I put a heating pad in the crate so it won't be so cold upstairs tonight. We went to the vet today and are good to go. 10.1 pounds, sable and healthy, big-pawed German Shepherd Dog. She's better now than Piper was fully-grown about house-training, and at day 2 I think she's beginning to learn to pee on command. Awesome. I hope she's better tonight, as I have work tomorrow.

I think I've decided on naming her "Freya", as I bought her on Friday and I wanted a Scandinavian/Germanic/Eastern European-type name that didn't sound to fruity or difficult to yell. I have her registration application here, so I need to decide on a registered name beginning with 'U' (ending with 'vom Kraftwerk' for her kennel name); I may stick with 'Unique' as the breeder called her, but I've got time to decide.

At the airport

At the airport too

Taking a walk


On the leash

Taking a break

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