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Short TX trip

I got to Galveston on Wednesday afternoon, about 2ish after driving through some scattered storms. Not heavy enough to ruin my cardboard boxes and leather chair, though. One box blew away, though. I hope nothing important was in it. I began moving stuff in, and finished several hours later. I got hungry around 5, so I drove to a mediterranean place and ate. In leaving, I accidentally backed into a car and dented their license plate. Oops. Walked the dog a couple times, and put stuff away, then I went to buy replacement computer power cords and got groceries and came home. My DSL stuff was delivered, but I don't think it is active until the 28th.

I spent hours trying to get my computer stuff set up. I almost cried from frustration from that damned thing. It's been broken for years. It freezes or drops or hangs almost every 10 minutes. I don't know what's wrong. I'm going to try installing Norton System Works and see if that helps. Otherwise, I'll have to get a tech to take my money and look at it. But the printer/scanner works. The MSN and AOL dialups weren't working either. At all. I don't know what's going on. I stayed up till 3, then gave up and went to bed. I woke up at 9 and took a shower, moved in my chair, then drove home through some big storming.

When I got to BR I went straight to the storage room and finished cleaning it out. I took the slow roads home because my truck's loaded up good. Not a bad trip, altogether: got a lot moved in, and setup. Now I just need some time to finish up.

I got a voicemail asking if I wanted to go on a spearfishing trip on the 27th. I assume this means until sunday the 30th. I dunno If I can spare the time or money. We'll see.

I wanted to get my computer squared away, but that didn't happen. With all the memory I have now and my new mobo, the damned thing just won't work right. I can't function without my computer working!! Crap, what a monkey wrench.

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