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polysyllabic and proud

I hate going to these NIEHS Tox grant meetings.  Who caters these things?  I could've cooked better food using shit I found stuck in my shower drain.  I'm making a powerpoint for a class I have to lecture in a couple of weeks, and I have to gauge the intelligence level of these people as I make the thing.  It's a 6000 level tox class IIRC so I guess I can use words with 3 syllables and not have hands raised.  Anyway I think they're paying me something for the trouble.. so I'll practice my shit-eating grin and scrounge up my best pair of blue-jeans for the occasion.

I found in one of those indy comics (several of them "funny animal" books back when you could find it described as such) called "No Ducks!" a story by Reed Waller.  I wonder if it's worth any more than what I paid for it..  I also got some "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" comics (disappointment), a couple Frank Frazetta's Shining Knight comics (GOD boring), a couple Lone Wolf and Cub (booyah), "Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor Quarterly" (not bad), "Tarot" (titties titties), "Flaming Carrot #1 (I'm hooked - a tad like Milk&Cheese) "Rowlf" (interesting, but not worth 15 bucks).  Bedrock City is a pretty decent comic store, but their indy section needs to get a little beefier (no Genus?  hehe).

Oh and here's a little comic for all my little gingerbread fetuses:

It takes awhile to load, but hey, do I ever dissappoint?

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