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The suspense is killing you

Well I got back from 3 and a half goddamn hours at the ER.  I guess that was a "pretty good" turnaround time, so they tell me.    I think they let me cut in line because I was wearing my UTMB ID badge.  But still, I brought 4 magazines and blew through them all in the waiting room.  But thankfully I brought my cellphone so I could  call some casino junkie and pass the time.  Jesus I hate ER people, what a bunch of societal dregs;  one guy actually was getting cuffed in the waiting room as I was on the phone.

As I see the financials:

Trip to ER = $100 copay (thank god for Blue Cross)

20oz bottle of coke = $1

Magazines to keep from pulling hair out = $15

Waiting 2 hours to put on a little gown and let a small asain man play with my testicles = priceless
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