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What an expensive little tea party I'm going to have

I went and drove to the galleria.  I shouldn't have, because I always spend too much money when I go there, but I was pretty bored.  I bought a tetsubin and some fancy shmancy green tea to go with it (it looked like grass clippings).  Altogether I have to say paying over a hundred bucks on a goddamn teapot (short and very stout, btw) is something I could only do at the galleria.  I also bought two Rotring pens (I love Rotring pens), and some skunk stationery (what market can there really be for such things).  And I bought new glasses at lenscrafters.  I dunno what to make of them yet, or what to make of the way I look in them.  I think they look dorkier than the last pair, but they're a little bigger so I don't look like like some sort of Mister Potato Head or like I'm wearing children's glasses.  Ray-bans, can you dig it; thank jeebus for UTMB vision insurance.  I bought a bunch of goofy indy comic books, including an old ZAP comics!  And I placed an order for a fold-up trailer for my bike, so I'll never have to deal with those awful ramps again.  And, and, and, I went to Osaka again and had some fatty tuna sushi.  Big as your friggin spleen, and kushiyaki with eel melting off of the skin.  Booyah.

Check this out:    Depth = 10 cm?   HAHAHAHAHAHA.... that's a biting indictment if I ever saw one.

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