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Finally back from BR.  I had to wait at the ferry for almost an hour and a half, but I had my new teeny TV so I could watch the Simpsons not come on..  I was supposed to go hunting, but the guy copped out.  I did get to go shoot a lot of pool this last week, which was something I've been missing for a long time.  I'm still a spaz.

I'm going to be getting a dog sometime soon.  I haven't decided what breed, or what sex yet.  My family's raised and shown a few breeds, such as Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Dobermans (mostly those two), but we've had Huskies and Akitas, Beagles and GSDs.  I'm leaning towards either a GSD, a corgi, or a beagle, since I'm at least a little experienced there.  I still have to think about it awhile, as well as how much I want to spend on the puppy..  These babies get pricey..  but, I like dogs.  Any of you people have dogs?  I think you all have cats maybe.... I've surrounded myself with cat people and I guess I stand like a stoic beacon in the night.  Or somesuch.

I'm going to order a collapsible bike trailor for towing my bike home or to the shop.  I almost crushed my goddamn leg putting that thing in the truck and I'll undoubtedly do the same getting it back out.  I am tired of that damn stuff.  Seriously, jesus.

Anyone know of a good powdercoater of metal parts?  I need to have powdercoating done..

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