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Ne pense pas

My boss took the whole lab (and a post-doc's boyfriend, and a sci's wife, and the <i>woman who washed our dishes a couple of times</i> to an Indian restaurant on Bay Area today.  I drove three of ours up there in my truck, which I spent a friggin' hour cleaning out at the carwash last night.  I hate that carwash.   There's a resident bum who's always making the rounds bothering people for money.  I keep my pistol in my back pocket when I'm there just in case, but I missed him.  Maybe he OD'ed..  Anyway, I got the directions wrong and showed up 45 minutes late.  Oops.  They actually waited on us, so we still got to eat.  Indian food isn't bad I guess.  Some of it is awfully soupy and gloppy, though.  But, it was free and I skipped breakfast, so I dug in.  I'll have to go back there sometime.  They've got an okay buffet, and I need to find something other than the friggin Jason's Deli and Cafe Express over in that area when I'm hungry. 

I got an email yesterday morning from someone who runs a sex blog.  They said they read my journal and wanted me to send in a post for some sort of showcase of blogs that they do every week or so often.  I'm a boring person.  I've been pretty much boring since I graduated highschool and can't really fathom why anyone would want to showcase anything I've written.  But hey, Jimmy Durante needed a straight man, didn't he? So there's a market for my talents yet..

I think it was yesterday, I was pulling my bike out of the little alcove where people park their motorcycles (and "motorcycles", if you catch my drift) as the guy who's apparently Jesse James's long lost son was riding his ape-hanger sporty off, and there was an asian chick walking by right behind me, and I came a little close to backing up right into her, and she smiled at me, and I smiled back and, like a fucking dope, rode off.  I've got a bad habit of looking at people and just smiling and nodding or waving or whatnot and just walking by without really noticing them until I've passed them way up.  I wish I could break that habit.  C'est la vie, I reckon.


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