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Good evening, starshine.

I'm back from my trip to Galveston, moving junk in. It went quickly, with my uncle, mother, sister, and I moving along. Didn't really unpack anything except computer stuff.
Went to eat at this 'Mosquito Cafe' down the road from my apartment -- Horrible food. Went shopping for groceries, etc. while my uncle and sister went to the beach, then we went home and ate. Then we all went to a friend's in La Porte for a party and drank Margaritas and played 'Guesstures' (a mime-type guessing game). It was fun, with everyone, family and friends, there drunk and yelling loudly. My cousin's cousin gave me his phone number and told me to come by his apartment some time and hang out. I'll do that; he's kinda a bit loserish, though. Ah well, I can't be choosy with friends down there.

Drive home was atrocious. Road work in Beaumont that cost us an HOUR of bumper-to-bumper, and an accident just outside of the Bridge that cost us at least 30 mins of parked waiting. I drove a total of 14-18 hours this weekend.

I went to the AD&D game, and it sucked. The DM put us in this fucked up situation and we frankly didn't know what to do. I was zonked from the trip, so I didn't really care to put much effort in it. Scott actually was calling us morons for not 'getting' his little enigmas. At that point, I just said fuck it, and decided not to pay attention. If this is how my last few games are, then I'll just leave early.

I've got shopping to do for my apt, and I'll go back soon, but not the weekend. I wanna go drinking with my friends a few times more before I fade into oblivion.

I just heard that I might be attending a funeral tomorrow. That and a dentist appointment? Beautiful.

There's something kinda nice about being so zonked out that you're apathetic to most things. In high school, I used to try really hard to achieve that state (I'm a irritable type sometimes, so that's hard for me). My friend Lindsey could achieve it effortlesly (much to my amazement and anger sometimes). It's kinda nice because you can zoom back and notice the humor in all the little things and the not-so-little things; it's nice to sit back and laugh at your failures, even if you're just going through the motions.

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