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Nasty, British, and Short

So England finally passed the Hunting Act. No more fox hunting, despite the House of Lords fighting as best they could to keep it. I'm a little ambivalent about it, to be honest. On the one hand I'm a pretty big supporter of hunters' rights. I'm an active member of the LWF, DU, and the NRA; I'm never going to feel at ease with any legislation serving to curtail any of those rights. On the other hand, from what I have been able to find about English fox hunting, it's a fairly brutal and inhumane endeavor, which gives hunters a black eye and only serves to inflame sentiment against all forms of hunting (which are by no means normally cruel). It wasn't as surprising, though, to see this come about in a country which began restricting gun ownership in over one hundred years ago. It's scary, though. As British and American cultures converge, slowly as they have over the past 60 years, maybe they'll converge just a bit too much.

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