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The X-43A scramjet is set for a test to go around mach 10 for a short while, after having successfuly travelled at mack 6.83 earlier. Hopefully one day a mach 10 scramjet could be launched without any help and be available for short bursts like that after being shot at by a missile. But unfortunately, it looks like there's not going to be anything more about it in the future.

With a short burst of mach 10, and the speed of an AMRAAM (as best I can find) of mach 4, that's a hell of an "eat my dust" trail..


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Nov. 16th, 2004 07:26 pm (UTC)
Umm excuse me Floyd... *points to ears* see that? yes its smoke coming out of them, that hi tech stuff MADE my brain MELT!!

in the future so my tawny fur doesnt melt, be like. "that fucker is faster than a cheetah that needs to use the shitter. I'll understand it then." :P
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