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I got the U-HAUL trailer and put some house stuff in it. $120 for a one-way rental to Galveston. God! I shoulda just said in-town and brought it back, it woulda been a lot cheaper.

That friend I met last night, Ricky, was the co-sysop of the old BBS I ran. He was the only guy at Episcopal, where I went to High School, who was into any kinda techno-ish music. Cool guy, even though pretty much everyone else in his class didn't think so.
when I saw him he told me he'd just talked about me to a friend, he was telling them about the time the school tried to expel and arrest me for breaking into the ROTC building. Ha! that was an unpleasant time. I was innocent, btw.

So I'm getting junk from my storage room tomorrow morn, and we're driving the looong drive to Texas with the trailer (this is gonna suck). Then we're unloading it all in the place with no power and no A/C. Ugh. I'll deal.

I was talked outta leaving my computer, b/c I won't be there to make sure it's not stolen. I _am_ leaving my UPS and printer there, in their boxes, hidden. Bringin' my dog, too -- but not leaving him there.

Are there any furs in Galveston?

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