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The cables will sing but the strings just won't play

I bought and set up a new 8-port router today, so I can get DSL access for my other computer, which still needs to be rebuilt (AGAIN) so I can reinstall RedHat and FreeBSD on it. Ugh.. At least the router went online without much of a struggle. I've also got a little switcher thing that will let me use one keyboard, one mouse, and one monitor to control two different computers at the same time. I'm anxious to actually get the old box back together again frankenstein-style and seeing what is and is not workable with RedHat... Another trip down dual-boot lane, I guess.

I also got a 3-disc Willie Nelson set. One of the songs won't play or rip; right out of the box and it's messed up. goddamn it you dope-smoking hippie why won't you play?

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