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abadbabdbadbb 320 hp

I went to the Westheimer festival today. It sucked. I wanted to go to Westheimer anyway to look at getting a new couch at one of those modern art furniture stores where function follows form follows fucking your wallet in its virgin cherry ass, so I went. They had some diggable couches, for friggin 1200 bucks. But I didn't get one, maybe later. I got pillows for the couch I have now, for the price of 4 or 5 cases of beer. Then I had to buy a new tire because the valve caps I bought actually drained my tire down to 0 psi and I ruined the damn thing driving on it. But, I got to watch the Astros game in the waiting room as we won. Then I called my mom and she told me that whenever she gets a new car she's gonna give me her old one (one day long from now undoubtedly). So I'm stoked because her old car is a '94 toyota supra, the bitchinest of the 'normal' production cars ever. Of course I'll have to get another paint job on it to repair all the times she slammed the door into something and dig out all of her cassettes of Manheim Steamroller and Kristopher Kross, and probably get it dyno'd and whatnot, but oooooo I think that thing comes with a belt-driven pussy magnet mounted right on the serpentine, right next to the two two sequential turbos. *drool* Of course it looks shitty because it's been driven like buick for 10 years. I would looove to get under the hood and see how I could bring that thing back to life..

Oh and dig it I 'm going to see Bad Religion tomorrow, for a second time! Last time I got to hang out a short while with Greg and got an autograph, maybe this time too..

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