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decent roadtrips

So I went to Baton Rouge this weekend and I actually had a great time.  I managed to see almost all of my friends, and my sister and her boyfriend, and other family without too much of a hassle.  We went to a new trendy-looking resaurant called Marzil I think.  The whole place looked like the set from The Cell .  They had a salad bar in the middle of the place and they have dudes coming by approximately every minute with a slab of one of a dozen types of meat on a skewer and a machete, and they hack a chunk off and give it to you if you want.  I think I had about 5 pounds of meat.  We had a large party so they put is in the back in this tent, like some kind of opium parlor.  The drinks were good and the waitresses were too.  The bill was more than 50 bucks per person, though.  So, pretty Saturnalian but boy do you pay for it.  I stayed out until after 5 saturday, which I hadn't done in awhile.  It was rocking.  If it were like that when I went to BR I would actually go more than once every two months.  And as it turns out some of them will be going to the Renfest this year again, so I'll meet them.  Actually, maybe I can kill two birds with one stone this year since I think I talked them into coming up Halloween weekend because The Dwarves are playing that saturday and that's gotta be a no-miss show there.  We'll see.  I'm looking forward to seeing Bad Religion this weekend, myself.

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