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At least he got something from that school system, if not a good education..

So my friend got into a wreck with a school bus, maybe a year or two ago, an East baton Rouge Parish bus maybe. It ran him off of the road I think, and it messed his back up and some other similar things. As is the way in this land, he sued the school system and added the litigation to the heaping pile.

I found out that just today or a few days ago he actually won his lawsuit, to the tune of 1.4 million dollars plus a year or two of interest. I'm to understand that my friends have already let him know that there had better be a party coming from this. Cristal and bling and booty and the whole nine yards. That's my opinion, anyway. The shaky side is, that he has been pretty much a semi-junkie loser for awhile now and I'm a little bit worried that he'll end up with 3 pounds of coke up his nose dead in a Hilton penthouse in a month. Either way, I'm kind of relieved that finally I won't be the richest of my friends anymore. I always felt kind of awkward about it, but now I'm wildly eclipsed and it's just dandy with this motherfucker.

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