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Money, it's a drag.

I'm leaving for that KMFDM concert in maybe an hour and a half. I hope it doesn't suck. I mean, if I thought the music would suck then I just wouldn't go, paid ticket or no. But, I just hope that the evening doesn't suck. The friend I'm meeting, Trey, is kindof a half-junky, and his friends are all 3/4 to full junkies. I'm driving alone, so I don't have to hang out with them and get involved if they get in trouble. I just hope this concert is better than the last one. I'll be at the bar, not the front row, so it should be more enjoyable. I'll be waiting in some long line with people I don't like, that check's _right_ in the mail.

I bought my printer today, with cable, paper, 2 years extended replacement warranty (this little skunk learns his lessons) and also a $30 webcam just for kicks. And also another drive bay case fan. I also signed up for galveston power, gas and phone/DSL (762-1221, baby!) Bad news: power won't be hooked on until MONDAY, and I'm moving in on Saturday. Oops, waited too late. Just won't be sleeping there Sat. night.

DSL IS $50/mo, but only $30/mo for the first 6 months. local service is $45/mo, tho. Crap, that'll be a big dent. I'm not even going to be using that line, except as a base line for school purposes. Now, tho, I can officially cancel MSN (in a few weeks)!! Boo-ya!.

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